Skills Update prides itself on the success of its students and the strong relationships it has built with industry. The expansion into the international sector by Marsden Technical Institute represents Skills Update’s aim to diversify its educational programmes.

Working while studying in New Zealand

Studying on a student visa in New Zealand may entitle you to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. Additionally, you may work full-time during scheduled holidays. Please refer to the New Zealand Immigration Services website  to find out more about the entitlement.

When working as an international student, you are covered and protected by labour laws in the same way as all New Zealand employees. Working while studying will help you to gain skills in communication, workplace-related language, teamwork and time observation. Furthermore, you will have the chance to create networks with other professionals and share valuable experiences.


Work options when you graduate

After graduating, international students who wish to stay and work in New Zealand can explore various options depending on their circumstances.

Studying and completing some academic programmes may allow you to apply for a post-study work visa and enable you to undertake full-time employment after you graduate. The New Zealand Immigration Services website will provide you with more information regarding policies and related rules.