Marsden Technical Institute recognises the importance of our education agents who offer valuable local representation and maintain a constant presence within our target markets.

The role of an Authorised Agent 

Our Agents play a pivotal role in providing prospective students with relevant study options, aiding their decision making, and providing an outstanding overall experience through their journey to studying at Marsden Technical Institute.

Agents are required to be well informed about, and understand New Zealand’s education system, our programmes and entry requirements to help prospective students choose the right programme of study or pathway.  This gives our students an advantage in being best prepared for a successful enrolment application and having an experienced guide to facilitate them through getting ready to leave their home country.  

Applying through an Agent

Marden accepts applications directly from students and or lodged through an Authorised Agent only.

Please note that some agents may charge a fee for their services.

To enquire about all our Authorised Agents, please email us your query

Providing Immigration Advice 

Only a licensed immigration adviser or a person who is exempt from licensing can give advice on New Zealand immigration matters. This applies whether the advice is direct or indirect, and whether or not the advice is paid for.

New Zealand immigration matters can include:

  • Choosing the right visa
  • Completing a visa application
  • Settling into New Zealand life
  • Assessing whether or not it’s worthwhile appealing a decision to decline a visa application
  • Assessing the options for people who are in New Zealand unlawfully

Some of our Authorised Agents are official Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIAs), meaning they are licensed by the Immigration Adviser’s Authority (IAA) to provide specialist immigration knowledge.  The IAA keeps a register of LIAs, and one can use to find a licensed immigration adviser. If an adviser doesn’t appear on the register, then they are unlicensed and should not be providing immigration advice.

Become an Education Agent

We are keen to work with education agents who are passionate about promoting New Zealand education and who provide comprehensive services and support to our prospective students.

Our current focus markets are: Bangladesh / Cambodia / China / India / Indonesia / Japan / Latin America / Middle East / Nepal / Philippines / Russia / South Korea / Sri Lanka / Thailand / Vietnam / Eastern Europe

Interested in becoming an education agent for Marsden?

Please send in an EOI (expression of interest) to . Please include the following details in your EOI

  • Business Owner/s Details
  • Company Profile
  • Company Registration
  • Company brochure
  • Trading years
  • Member associations
  • Agency Recognitions

Download Agent Application Form

Please provide as much detail as possible in your EOI, along with our Agency application form, duly filled and email it to and one of our marketing staff will be in touch soon.

Promotional Resources for Education Agents           

Download 2019 Prospectus                                   Download ENZ presentation

Download Marsden Presentation                         Download Course information matrix 

Download Course Flyer


Training Programme for Education Agents

Marsden Technical Institute encourages all our agents to be trained by Education New Zealand. Education New Zealand has an agent programme which aims to support high quality, top performing agents and agencies who work effectively with students coming to New Zealand.

To know more, click below;

ENZ Agent Training Programme


The Education New Zealand Recognised Agent (ENZRA) programme is focused on working with a small pool of proven, committed and ethical agents to help grow the value of international education to New Zealand. Agencies that successfully meet the core objectives of the ENZRA programme will be given ENZ Recognised Agency status. Marsden Technical Institute prefers working with ENZRA agents and have special promotion and support for them.

How to become an ENZRA agent

Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016  

Code of Practice

Marsden Technical Institute is a signatory of the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016. The Code of Practice offers a framework of responsibilities that each education provider is required to provide to ensure that students who come to study in New Zealand are well informed, safe and properly cared for.

The Code of Practice sets the standards of care that you can expect as an International Student.  It also provides a complaints procedure that you can follow if you have concerns about the treatment you receive from your education provider or an agent of the provider. The Code of Practice includes information about, but not limited to, student safety and well- being, student support services and dealing with disputes and grievances.

How can I get a copy of the Code?

The Code of Practice can be downloaded as a PDF, on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Download a copy of the Code of Practice

It’s also available in other languages, and includes a pamphlet with a summary of important information for International Students and their families on the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) website.

Download summary of the Code of Practice

Download Code of Practice resources available in different languages