Marsden Technical Institute is a division of the Skills Update Training and Education Group. The group was founded in 1991 and has grown to become one of the most reputable educational and training providers in New Zealand. The establishment of Marsden is Skills Update’s latest initiative to broaden its range of courses in response to emerging educational needs and new student markets.

We are a Category 1 Education Provider which is the highest rating that can awarded by New Zealand’s Qualification Authority. The business is ISO 9001 accredited and our dedicated Quality Assurance Department constantly reviews systems, processes and performance to not only fulfil the changing needs of our students, but the rigourous requirements of our ISO 9001 accreditation and NZQA.

Skills Update prides itself on the success of its students and the strong relationships it has built with industry. The expansion into the international sector by Marsden Technical Institute represents Skills Update’s aim to diversify its educational programmes.

Founded in 1991, Skills Update has grown considerably and is approved as a Category 1 Education Provider by NZQA, which is the highest approval that can be granted. Marsden Technical Institute offers a range of courses leading to professional qualifications in the industrial, business and commercial services sectors.

In addition, Marsden Technical Institute’s partnership with Institutes of Technologies and Polytechnics (ITPs) ensures that students gain practical experience and hands-on employment-focused training.

The successful partnerships we have among students, institutes and organisations adds to our reputation as a highly-accredited private training organisation and also ensures that future generations of graduates will be presented with new opportunities and challenges.

Marsden Technical Institute is committed to meeting the educational needs of international students and welcomes them to Auckland to experience the adventure and hospitality that is unique to New Zealand.

Marsden Technical Institute delivers programmes accredited by NZQA to Skills Update Training and Education Group (NZQA Provider Code: 9328).

Students are enroled in programmes accredited to Skills Update and are therefore, students of that PTE.

Any qualifications gained will be awarded by Skills Update.