Founded in 1991, Skills Update Training Institute is a dynamic training organisation with one of the widest range of accreditation among New Zealand’s Private Training Establishments. We are one of the New Zealand’s largest Private Training Establishment operating from three modern campus facilities in the Auckland Region. We deliver a selection of courses which include training for the Industrial, Commercial and Service sectors primarily aimed towards holistically developing student’s skills, attitudes and knowledge while addressing the identified needs of various industries.

True to its mission of “Facilitating the transition of youth and mature community members who experience difficulties in engaging and sustaining employment or further education to the point where they can maximise their capabilities through having acquired work ethics, functional life skills, financial independence and self esteem; successfully integrating them into the workforce or continue higher education and if already in the workplace, attain higher levels of skills and qualifications”, Skills Update has a proud history of facilitating excellent outcome, forging key partnerships and enabling our learners towards positive pathways. The core purpose of our organisation is to provide quality education in skill areas which are in demand by industry and community, while remaining financially viable.

What often differentiates us from other organisations is our flexibility in offering programmes which align learner needs with industry requirements to maximise Labour Market Outcomes. Additionally, our organisation has historically focused mostly on Trade programmes at levels which provide an excellent basis for the higher levels of these programmes offered by various regional ITPs, thus stair-casing the students to higher levels of education. Furthermore, during its 27 years of operation, Skills Update has established a large network of employers in diverse industries, which ensures that the students completing our programmes not only have a suite of higher level education offered by ITPs available to them, but also they enjoy higher chances of securing work experience or employment.

Our Quality Policy

Skills Update is committed to:

Consistently provide quality education and training services to our communities through the implementation of progressive leadership and continuous quality improvement process and adhere with relevant legislative requirements, regulations compliance standards and funding conditions.

Provide high quality training and education services underpinned by efficient academic and administration system, robust training and assessment practices undertaken by duly qualified personnel supported by Skills Update documented quality procedures across all functions in the organisation.

In order to achieve this, Skills Update will:

  • Set the Quality objectives relevant to operation;
  • Satisfy the applicable stakeholder requirement;
  • Continually improve the Quality Management system